Our Services

At Newmayor Hospital, we care and do holistic health care.

What We Do

  • High tech fertility treatment with specialized NaProtechnology/Micro Surgery administration.
  • Modern repairs of fallopian tubal blocks with operating microscopes and specialized tuboplasts.
  • Use of NaProtechnology in high risk pregnancies
  • Natural conception modalities using NaProtechnology and Creighton Model Systems.
  • Modern application of modern NaProtechnology surgical approach.

Radio-Imaging Diagnostic

At New Mayor Hospital, we perform various RADIOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS which includes; Ultrasound, X-ray, Endoscopy and Hysteroscopy. Ultrasound scan for pregnant women to ascertain details of fetus in the womb is carried out at New Mayor Hospital. Also, we do X-RAY as one of our general procedure for patients that may have had internal fracture of bone, pathological disease in the body or abnormal organs that can’t be observed outside the patients body.